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Water Features, Waterfalls & Fish Ponds

Ponds & Water Features

Water features add more than beauty to a landscape environment. They add an atmosphere of peaceful tranquility not achieved with other outdoor decoration options. The sound alone is worth the effort and investment to most who love the outdoors.

Water features and ponds should be built above grade to avoid contamination during heavy rains. Waterfalls, ponds and other water features should be designed with a shoulder higher than water would collect during the heaviest of rains in your area.

Water features tend to be exceptionally heavy due to the concrete and stone used in the construction. That's compounded by adding hundreds of gallons of heavy water to the finished product. Be sure to have a solid, steel reinforced foundation to support all this weight. Keep electrical and water lines a safe distance away from the perimeter of the water feature. Local building codes may establish a specific distance.

Remember that most water features become the central focus in an outdoor environment. Plan carefully to blend it in nicely with the rest of your patio, landscaping and sitting areas. Depending on the type of water system you will employ for the pond, consider the impact of chemicals in the pond water mixing into surrounding garden or plant areas. If you add algaecide to the pond water, it is not very healthy for nearby plants.

Lighting can be an impacting factor on the presentation. When lighting your water feature always take extra caution for safety. Under water lighting is also available to enhance the effect.

Water Features & Fish Ponds

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