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Shelving For Decoration & Storage

Shelving can be used for decorative purposes or for functional storage and is most often a combination of the two. Shelves can be free standing, wall mounted, hanging shelves, individual shelves or units and can be made of an unlimited number of materials. Determine the purpose before starting the project. It doesn't make sense to purchase expensive hardwoods for garage shelves where you will store paint and auto supplies.

Determine the size requirements and whether you want adjustable shelves or fixed position shelving. Once you know the use and size requirements you can determine whether you want to build them, buy the pieces and assemble them or pick up a complete unit already finished.

If you choose to build them yourself, there are a lot of options to consider. Do you want to rip your own shelving material or purchase it in the proper width to start with. A table saw and some experience is useful if you wish to rip the shelving yourself. Once you have the shelving material in the proper width you can use a cut-off saw, skill saw or even a hand saw to cut pieces to length.

Always use a level, and don't count on the floor or ceiling being level.

Shelving Manufacturers

Lowe's Shelving
Nexel Shelf
Shelf Expressions
Shelves that Slide
Shelving, Inc.

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Local Shelving Materials

Locate shelving resources at home improvement centers, building material centers, lumber yards and home decorating outlets. Resources are listed by city and state across the country, popular states include:

Texas Shelving
Oklahoma Shelving
Missouri Shelving
Ohio Shelving
Arkansas Shelving
Illinois Shelving
Oregon Shelving

Decorative wall shelving.