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Housing Options - Manufactured Homes

Choosing a prefab home, prefab house, prefab garage or prefab building can reduce construction time significantly. Much of the work is done offsite so walls are delivered to the construction site complete with electrical and plumbing in place. For prefab homes the construction process focuses on assembly and finishing. Prefab cabins, sheds and barns are also available.

Prefab homes styles can be modern, contemporary or any style of your liking. Think prefab homes for short construction deadlines and a quick move-in.

Many manufactured home builders offer prefab homes in defined communities as well as delivery to custom lots of your choosing.

Prefab Cabins

This same great concept can help you create a summer home or a permanent home in the mountains. Ask the prefab home resources to show you options for prefabricated cabins.

Home Builders

Custom and track homes

Home builders usually offer homes for sale in planned communities of similar houses, often referred to as track homes. If you are looking for a home builder or a real estate developer offering new homes, check the state-by-state listing of home builders using the state list below.

You will also find custom home builders included in the list. Custom builders typically build one-of-a-kind homes at locations selected by the buyer, rather than within a specific tract of homes. There are occasions where a builder will include in a planned development, a section for custom homes - often with limitations on size and design style.

Many custom builders will manage the construction of your new home and allow you to participate in the project. You can do a s little or as much as you are qualified to do under the builders watchful eye. This can provide cost savings and allow you to be involved in the selection of sub contractors.

Other custom builders handle the entire project for a fixed price based on the approved plans.

Manufactured Home, Garage or House

Prefab homes by state.

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Locate housing options across the USA, offering a wide variety of models, floor plans, exterior elevations, and price ranges for any budget.

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