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Modern Modular Homes

About Modular Home Floor Plans & Prices

Demand for pre manufactured homes has created an explosion in the prefab home business. In decades past all focus was directed at small, inexpensive housing. Today's market is still interested in reduced cost, however the average buyer wants much more home than the "cracker boxes" of the early days in prefab housing.

Floor Plans

Trendy designs offering four or more bedrooms, three or more baths, and a host of sitting rooms and offices expand choices to meet most any modular home owner's wish list. Floor plans are often flexible allowing the customer to move, add or eliminate walls. Most builders also offer standard floor plans ranging from one to five rooms, and still offer many options to customize the space.

Modular Home prices

As with any home, square footage and amenities drive the price of manufactured homes. Without a doubt, one can acquire more of both when buying modular, versus homes offered by traditional builders. Often additional savings can be realized in the area of land costs. Lots offered by builders are restricted to the location of the development and often have a relatively high square footage cost. Modular homes can be assembled on any lot of your choosing within a budget defined by the buyer.

Manufactured Homes

Within the category, mobile homes are still an option and ore often the low-price choice. However you can build any type of modular home you can conceive. Choose from rustic modular cabins to modern architectural dream homes. Fancy exterior treatments and trimmings can make a modular home look rather fresh and "homey". Choose a supplier that offers the look and feel you desire to make a home for your family.

Manufactured, modular homes by state.

Housing Options - Mobile Homes

Mobile homes provide a quick solution to housing requirements as a primary residence, a second home or a retirement home. The mobile home can be set up on a lot same as a house. It can be set up in a planned mobile home community, or as a second dwelling with a conventional home.

Mobile home financing is available from mortgage lenders, often for much shorter terms than conventional home mortgages.


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Modular Garages

Like modular homes, modular garages come in a wide range of choices of size, amenities and construction materials.

Modern Manufactured Homes