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Remodel A Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen can be as simple as paint and wallpaper or a complete new kitchen design and construction. Determine your goals, budget and objectives as well as your handyman skills before getting in too deep. As you consider kitchen remodeling ideas, be aware for the structural, electrical and plumbing ramifications.

Sink drains are generally permanent plumbing in the concrete floor. Electrical wiring and power usage should be considered to ascertain whether you will have to add service to meet any new electrical requirements.

Create at least a rough plan of the area for the kitchen remodel. Note all doors, windows, power outlets and plumbing elements. Begin to plan the new design by sketching in the new features. Use accurate measurements for placement of cabinets and kitchen appliances. This will generate the basic kitchen remodeling floor plan from which you can start the final plans.

Turn off power to the area and possibly water before tearing down walls. Remove old cabinets and fixtures first to get access to the wall structure. Identify location of studs so as to avoid damaging the wall supports. If you are adding an island section, determine power and/or water needs. If you will add a sink, the drain will be a major consideration. Address issues with the floor before installing any new cabinets or appliances.

Once the floor issues are resolved, you can finalize power and water elements within the walls. Wall surfaces can now be added in preparation of the cabinets. Appliances and fixtures are added last.

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Kitchen Remodeling - Cabinets & Countertops

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