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Home improvement and remodeling can be the single, most cost-effective way to add value to your home. We offer home improvement tips and ideas on many subjects including how-to instructions and step by step instructions for some projects. Look around the site using the navigation on the left to locate the home improvement topic of choice. Some topics are covered in more than one section. We attempt to provide you as much information and instruction as possible as well as lists and contact information for vendors, suppliers, and retail outlets both online and locally.

Select a state in the lower left navigation to identify local home improvement product and service providers. Feel free to contact our customer service department with your questions. We will attempt to assist you in any way we can.

Visit the home improvement loans section for options to finance your home improvement project. Use a loan calculator to help identify payment considerations.

Also consider that there may be a home-improvement tax deduction for some projects. Check with your tax advisor to see if your home improvement project qualifies.

Home Improvement Loans

Find home improvement loan resources to finance your home improvement projects. Use a mortgage loan calculator to help define payment information and establish a realistic budget. Having good credit is always the best way to get the best home improvement loan rate but some lenders offer programs for bad credit home improvement loans or even no equity home improvement loans.

Often you can refinance the first mortgage and roll the cost of the home improvement project into one mortgage loan. It is becoming easier to acquire an online home improvement loan as the web continues to become a primary resource for conducting business.

There are federal home improvement loan programs and a variety of local government home improvement loan programs available including veteran loans through the VA and FHA programs for non-veterans.


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Locate home improvement centers throughout cities and towns the USA. Find everything for your next home improvement project!

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