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The home garden is one of the final touches on home improvement projects. Flower gardens add color and charm to the finished project. Vegetable gardens provide fresh food and are a great family project.

In-ground gardens are the easiest to set up and maintain. Determine your choice of plants and follow the recommendations of your local garden center for soil recipes.

Above-ground gardens in planters and barrels can add color and freshness throughout the yard and patio areas. Again, follow the recommendations of your local garden center for plants, soil, sun and watering.

Indoor gardening can extend the growing period and allow for year-round gardening. Solar LED grow lights can accelerate growth and allow one to increase the harvest over a shorter growing cycle.

Local garden centers are listed by city and state in the lower left navigation. Select a state and major cities are listed on those pages.

Gardens can be as simple or as complex as you choose. All it takes is time and TLC to grow great flowers and vegetables. Keep it fun and enjoy creating and viewing all your gardens.

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Local Garden Suppliers

Find resources for gardening supplies throughout the USA. These vendors may offer plants, flowers, tools, gloves, pesticides, fertilizers and other gardening supplies, as well as advice for healthy gardens.

Top states include:
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Plant and vegetable gardening ideas.