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Washington DC Landscaping

Landscaping tips and ideas.

Landscaping Ideas & Materials

DC Landscaping Resources. Welcome to the Washington DC landscaping section of AA Home Improvement. Within this section you can locate local resources for landscaping designs, ideas, materials, supplies, tools, products and contractor services in the DC area.

Landscaping Services In Washington DC

Cheree's Landscaping Services - 202 773-3580

Vetcorps Landscaping - 202 905-9366

For home builders, landscaping is the final touch on a new home. They use professional landscaping contractors to decorate the yard. You have the option to do your own landscaping or hire a contractor.

Gardening - Tips, Ideas & Supplies

DC Gardening Ideas

Washington DC Landscaping Resources. Welcome to the DC area, gardening section of AA Home Improvement. Within this section you can locate local resources for garden supplies, tools, products and services in the area.

Gardening Centers In Washington DC

Johnson's Florist & Garden Center - 202 244-6100

Olds & Olds Lawn & Garden Service - 202 291-8561

Teresa's Garden Center - 202 526-9670

Patio furniture, covers and umbrellas

Patio Furniture

Welcome to the Washington DC patio furniture section. Here you can locate local resources for patio furniture, deck and outdoor furniture including tables, chairs, umbrellas, sets, cushions and accessories in wrought iron, wicker, teak, aluminum, plastic and many other materials.

Outdoor Patio Furniture In Washington DC

Alperstein Furniture - 202 783-0100

Spring Valley Patio - 202 966-9088

If you choose to do your own landscaping be sure to research all phases of the project to determine the proper order of events. Create a detailed plan with dimensions for all elements and acquire a permit if your community requires one. Generally, water and power lines must be trenched and installed before beginning any other work. Next any foundations for walls or water features should be completed. Soil preparation comes next, then plants, sod, ground cover, rock and final touches. Protect your home and garden using professional pest control services. See the landscaping how-to section for additional information.

Look here for local Washington DC landscaping contractors, tools, supplies and materials to complete your yard landscaping projects.

Landscaping Resources In Other States

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DC Landscaping. Locate landscape professionals to assist with lawn and gardening projects. Landscape designers and services in the DC area are listed here.

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