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Granite counter tops are the most sought after kitchen counter tops today. There are many types, styles and materials to choose from. Select the one that is right for your particular needs, desires and budget.

Granite Counter Tops

Granite counter top colors are often as unique as the granite itself. So hand select the exact granite color whenever possible. Granite is a natural stone and when handled properly and cared for will last for ever. For granite counter top care and cleaning follow the precise instructions of the supplier.

Granite counter top prices vary based on the rareness of the granite and distance to the source. Special saws and tools are required to cut and install granite counter tops. It is one of those jobs that should be done by a trained professional.

Concrete Counter Tops

Concrete countertops offer a lower cost alternative to marble or granite yet provide many of the same desired qualities. With dyes, stains and epoxy options, concrete can be made to look like stone with a high-gloss sheen. It has a natural look and feel.

Laminate Counter Tops

Laminate kitchen counter tops are the mainstay in homes throughout the country. Durable yet inexpensive it is a great counter top material for families.
You can install laminate counter tops yourself with little or no prior experience as the pieces are pre-formed with angles pre-cut and ready to install. Just select the elements for your configuration and installing laminate counter top is a simple step-by-step process.

Corian Counter Tops

Corian® is a brand name of DuPont. Corian is a nonporous countertop material. Stains, mold, mildew, or bacteria can't penetrate the surface so it makes a durable surface. It also resists burns and scratches. It comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns and can be used for back splash as well.

Marble Counter Tops

Marble is more porous than granite and requires additional care. Cleaning marble countertops with a mild detergent solves the majority of staining. Marble is not recommended for the bathroom countertops because of the wide variety of bath products which could stain the marble.

Cultured marble counter tops offer an alternative for the bathroom. It is manufactured to withstand most bathroom products.

Quartz Counter Tops

Quartz countertops offer a high-quality look with less care and maintenance than granite. Quartz is also stronger than granite and requires no resealing. It is highly scratch and stain resistant and is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Formica Counter Tops

Formica kitchen counter tops are a product of Formica®. The term formica has become synonymous with laminate countertops. It was one of the first, and is one of the many brands of laminates available at your home centers or online.

Tile Counter Tops

Tile countertops are strong, durable and require little maintenance. Ceramic tile for kitchen counter tops comes in a multitude of colors, sizes, shapes, designs and price ranges. Most have matching molded corner and joint pieces, Mix sizes, shapes and colors to create your own custom designed tile counter top. Tiling an existing counter top is a simple way to give your kitchen or bathroom a fresh new look.

Stainless Steel Counter Tops

Stainless steel offers the ultimate in stain-free, low maintenance countertops. It is commonly used for back splashes but makes a wonderful look for the entire counter top. You may have to special order the stainless steel countertops as it takes special tools to form fit this commercial grade metal.

Wood & Butcher Block Counter Tops

Beautifully stained and finished woods and butcher block countertops add a warmth and homey feel to a kitchen. Most butcher block counter tops are decorative but sections of functional butcher block can be incorporated, often removable for cleaning and replacement.

Glass Counter Tops

Glass adds an elegant touch to kitchen and bathroom countertops. Easy to clean and virtually stain resistant glass counter tops must be custom ordered to size with smooth edges and corners for safety.

Other Counter Top Materials

Countertops can be made with almost any material that is safe for food handling. Copper, slate, silestone, soapstone, chrome, petrified wood, and many more. Painted, stained and plated surfaces add more options to consider when you remodel the kitchen or bath and want to upgrade your counter tops. You might consider matching countertops throughout the house including kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity countertops, bar countertops and hall cabinet counter tops.


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