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Barbecue Grills & Barbeque Pits

Today's barbecue grills and barbecue pits allow us to savor the pleasures of outdoor cooking with a touch of modern technology. Only your imagination can limit what you can do when remodeling your barbecue and patio area.

Begin the process by identifying exactly what you want. The final project is typically further defined by two major influences. Your budget is one and the other is the physical limitations of the space to allocate to the new barbecue grill, pit or smoker. While grills are typically people friendly and can be placed amongst the traffic and congregation areas of family and visitors, pits and smokers tend to be placed away from traffic.

Will it be a charcoal grill? Will it run on natural gas? Will you use bottled propane? Where will you store or access the gas options? These answers may guide some of your decisions going forward.

We suggest you begin with at least a rough floor plan of the area and define the available space for the barbecue. Consider traffic flow and congregation areas as well as the gas or propane hook-up limitations, if any. Get some basic measurements and make notes on things to consider such as roof overhangs and nearby plants.

Barbecue Grills

Let the physical space be the first defining factor as you begin the planning stages of your outdoor barbecue project. Consider the benefits as well as potential negatives of both permanent built in barbecues and mobile barbecues. Once you make that decision you can start to consider all other options. While built-ins are nice, they continue to consume space when they are not being used. So if you are short of space, mobile or at least movable might be a good consideration.

Physical space may also impact decisions about options like additional burners, deep fryers and counter top space. If space is no problem, you can incorporate all the features and options your imagination conceive and your budget can handle. Ventilation is always a major consideration.

Charcoal Grills

Using charcoal simplifies the construction and complications of gas lines or propane tanks. At the same time it has its own set of restrictions and limitations. If you are looking for a mobile charcoal grill, its a matter of selecting a model that fulfills your wishes and fits into your space and budget.

If you design and build a custom barbecue station, there are several major factors to consider. First and foremost is safety. Make sure heat, sparks and smoke are always under control. Make it as child-safe as possible. Smoke should naturally vent into open air space and away from structures and covered patio areas. Sparks can cause fire so pay close attention to keeping them away from flammable materials and structures.

The grill mechanism should easily raise and lower for cooking control. The grill should also be easily removed for cleaning operations. Be sure to establish a simple method for removing ashes. A removable tray works well for this purpose.

Gas Grills

Like with the charcoal grills, if you are looking for a mobile gas grill, its a matter of selecting a model that fulfills your wishes and fits into your space and budget. If you are designing a custom gas barbecue station, there is virtually no limit to the options available to you.

First determine your limitations of space, gas hookup and any other physical restrictions (if any). Then see if your wishes fit into this space and your budget. Draw a simple floor plan of the space and note all limitations, showing all dimensions. This will be a very valuable tool when you start looking at products.

Shop around before you purchase. You may be surprised at the variation in price from one brand to another or from one store or outlet to another. Often buying online can provide savings even after paying shipping costs.

Barbecue Smokers

Smokers provide a unique taste and tenderness. As a rule of thumb, you would not use a smoker as a decorator item. So mobile units or permanent units placed out of general view seem to be the preference. One would be well served by investing time to research barbecue smokers, recipes and methods before making an investment in the smoker itself. Most are simple devices with minimal options. Your decision will most likely be driven by size and capacity of the barbecue smoker, depending on your intended use. This is an area where investing a little more in quality might pay dividends.

Barbecue Pits

The good old fashion barbecue pit is still one of the best ways to cook meats, especially in volume. These barbecue pits can range from a simple hole in the ground lined with stone, to elaborate metal or masonry structures. You can cook whole carcases or smaller amounts.

Barbecue Accessories

The list of barbecue accessories, tools and equipment is endless. Barbecue grill, barbecue igniters, barbecue grillware and barbecue tools come in every shape, size and price range imaginable.

Whether you call it Barbecue, BBQ, Bar B Q or any other variation, have a safe time and enjoy the great food and great times with friends and family.

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